On the 05/10/16 Australian Border Force, illegally invaded our Apartment, and in the scenes resembling that of Nazi Germany, forcefully separated me from my loved ones, and placed me in Arbitrary Detention.

They took everything I loved away from me, now they are trying to take away my voice, the Fascist Authoritarian Australian Government got my Medium Blogging Account Banned, and continues to make all out efforts to silence me by all means, including threats via third parties, attempts to have me de platformed , in order to silence me from bringing Truth to Public.

But the thing with Truth is, Truth is like water, it always finds it’s way, so now I have my own Website, so I can bring you the Trurth from Australian Arbitrary Detention.

On the 02/03/2020 I Won my Judicial Review Appeal in the Full Federal Court of Australia.

On the 05/03/2020, the President of the Australian Human Rights Commission, tabled a Report in the Federal Parliament, declaring my detention by the Commonwealth of Australia, to be Arbitrary, and Arbitrary Interference with the family.

Yet the Authoritarian Australian Government, continues to keep me in indefinite Arbitrary Detention, with no release date, and continues to subject me to Cruel & Unusual Arbitrary Punishment.

Before the the 05/10/16, I was just a normal human being, now I’m a Blogger, Journalist, Whistle Blower, fighting For Love & Freedom against Tyranny

While you are here, please consider signing my Change.org Petition for my freedom.