A New Day Project



Mission Statement

From the conception of our project, we have held close to us our shared values of equality, love and freedom. We believe that in order to accomplish and portray our values in a national context, we must conquer injustice through education and scrutiny of racist and discriminatory policies put forward by our government, that has separated our society on the basis of innate human features.

Our ‘A New Day’ project works to shine light upon the embedded injustice in Australian society, and educate all those willing to listen of the depths of such injustice. Our goal we wish to accomplish through this project looks to encourage youth leadership in the matters of Human Rights, as we see our fundamental human rights currently being suppressed. By promoting youth leadership and inclusivity, we can remove the fascist elements of Australian society that hold power through tyranny, and profit on cruelty.


By collaborating our own interests, strengths and experiences, we have been able to widen our lens and perspective on all topics we cover, allowing us to relate to you as our audience in a much more personal way.

We urge you to join us on our journey to uncover, question and change racist and discriminatory policies and actions in Australia, while making our country a better and more equal place for generations to come.

Thank you.


Contact: Nauroze@protonmail.com

TEAM ForLovenFreedom

NAUROZE (Founder & Director)

After being released from 1490 days of detention, a #aNewDayProject has been my dream project. To establish a grass roots level NGO which provides support to people who have suffered Trauma and ex detainees, without discrimination on the basis of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or visa status.

From my personal experience, not even the Psychologists or family members can understand that Trauma a survivor has went through, and often the Trauma survivors feel isolated, unheard, and misunderstood. My aim is to provide that safe space for the Trauma survivors to be themselves to recover.

Further down the track, I plan to spread education about this, and reach out to family members and employers of Trauma survivors as to how best to support them. And where necessary make referrals to specialist services.

I strongly believe that a good leader would strive to create more leaders from grass root level, instead of creating more followers.