Porter & Dutton’s AAT: On a Crusade to make Australia Christian & White Again — (Part : 1) — Tribunal Member: Deputy President Stephanie A Forgie’s love for Wife Killer Paul Jason Margach

“(The daughter) shouted at you to stop, but you continued regardless…wherever (Tina Margach) moved, you kept putting in the knife; and you kept putting it in until (Tina) stopped moving,’’ Justice Nettle said while sentencing Paul Jason Margach to a 17 years term of imprisonment for Murdering his wife in the most horrondous of ways in front of his daughter.

Paul Jason Margach an Englishman served 15 years of his 17 years sentence, read more

#DiaryOfaDetainee: Dutton’s Dark Detention UnderBelly Snitch Attack Dogs Exposed

Mr Mike Pezzullo has misled the Senate Estimates in the Past

Since blowing the Whistle on the corruption, cash for Visas matter, i can comfortably say, that our Minister of Home Affairs has left no stone unturned to cause me harm, including an orchestrated hit on me, carried out by Serco’s top snitch & Attack dog: Pedophile Khaled El-Ali on the 05/05/19, at PIDC.

Previously Peter Dutton had released false information into the public via his ministerial statement, and further claimed that read more

Dutton’s Secret Drug Cartel Connection: The William Betham Case

Dutton’s Secret Drug Cartel Connection: The William Betham Case

“..but if you come here and start selling drugs..I’m sorry you don’t stay here. It’s as simple as that.” (Peter Dutton Thursday, 13 December 2018 Interview with Ray Hadley, Radio 2GB-4BC)

“Ray, that’s the reality of the courts here; you and I have spoken many times about the AAT and some decisions that we just shake our head read more