OPERATION ELEKTRA: Joint Operation b/w ACLEI & DHA to investigate Serco’s Criminal Underbelly

“Everything you say will be held against you” – How ABF illegally monitored phone calls

Recorded Evidence of Racism of NSW Police

As someone who has been kept in Arbitrary Detention since 05/10/2016, in Immigration  detention centres around Australia, including Christmas Island IDC, it is my experience that,  that detainees in Immigration Detention are The Most marginalized group of people in Australia.

We have little to none, democratic or civil liberties.

Speaking about my own experiences, as a Whistle Blower from Arbitrary Detention, I have been subjected to various read more

Stateless: A Missed Opportunity to Expose the Facts

Since the ABC -Stateless Series hit the screens, alot of my friends have been asking me if I had watched it, while they spoke very highly of it.

I have been kept in Arbitrary Detention by the Australian Government since the 05/10/2016, in it’s different Onshore Immigration Detention Centers, it’s fair to say I have been living a Romantic Tragic, Psychological Thriller of my own, a man born in a different country, falls in Love with read more

BREAKING: “White Supremacist Nazi Sex Offender Granted Visa by Peter Dutton’s DHA on Anniversary of the Christchurch Terror Attack” Public Interst Story got Distracted by #Dutton’s #coronavirus on Friday I’ve Removed the PayWall for a Ltd Time:

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