#DiaryOfaDetainee: Dutton’s Dark Detention UnderBelly Snitch Attack Dogs Exposed

Mr Mike Pezzullo has misled the Senate Estimates in the Past

Since blowing the Whistle on the corruption, cash for Visas matter, i can comfortably say, that our Minister of Home Affairs has left no stone unturned to cause me harm, including an orchestrated hit on me, carried out by Serco’s top snitch & Attack dog: Pedophile Khaled El-Ali on the 05/05/19, at PIDC.

Previously Peter Dutton had released false information into the public via his ministerial statement, and further claimed that I’m from “Nauru”, in his interview with “The Weekend Australian”, and then went on to attack Senator Nick McKim, and one of the most respected veteran Australian journalist Hugh Riminton.

[urlpreviewbox url=”https://10daily.com.au/views/a190220lhn/mr-dutton-we-will-not-apologise-for-reporting-the-facts-as-we-always-do-20190220″]

I won’t bore you with the details, here is the Video of Senate Estimates with ACLEI, where the ACLEI boss confirmed that any victimization that I have suffered including Peter Dutton ‘s public attack on me is actually a Criminal Offence under section 220, sanctionable by 2 years imprisonment.


Attack Dog: Palestinian Pedophile Khaled El-Ali

In April, I received a call from a well connected and responsible person from Yongah Hill IDC, that a Hit has been placed on my head, a Palestinian Pedophile detainee named: Khaled El-Ali has been paid by Serco handlers, and he will be transferred to PIDC (where I was detained at the time) to carry out the Hit on me, because of my whistle blowing, but the Hit will be well orchestrated to make it look like a random assault.

This Pedophile Khaled El-Ali had previously escaped from PIDC in 2017.

It was un real that Australian Border Force chief Michael Outram will place Khaled at the same detention centre where he had previously escaped from in 2017:

[urlpreviewbox url=”https://thewest.com.au/news/perth/immigration-centre-detainee-on-the-run-in-perth-ng-b88457982z?utm_campaign=share-icons&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&tid=1574486682555″]

On the arvo of 05/05/19, Khaled El-Ali gave me serious threats, that i should withdraw my whistle blowing matters, and delete all evidence i have against Serco from my mobile. I tried to speak politely with this detainee that please don’t get involved in my legal matters, and concentrate on his own matters. But later that afternoon his Serco Handler at PIDC: Adam had given him ICE to smoke, and encourged him to assault me. So Khaled again approached me and gave me the following threats, which i had recorded on my mobile as following, which I was able to recover from my cloud:

Following this I approached the Serco manager & Serco DSO Adam, and showed him the Recording of Khaled’s threats, to my shock, Serco’s Adam, further threatened me stating that, I should tear apart the complaint that I had written against Khaled, and I should in front of him Delete the Audio Evidence against Khaled, otherwise to quote Serco’s Adam: “Unless you delete the Audio Evidence now, in from of me, I cannot guarantee your safety, or even if you live or die, there will be no Police or ABF, even if you die, as they dont care about you.” This left me in shock, as these Serco guards are paid handsomely by the Tax Payer to ensure the safety & security of all detainees.

Corrupt Serco Guard: Adam who also supplied Khaled El-Ali with the Drug Ice, & Continues to be involved in the illegal smuggling of Drugs in Commonwelath Property (Pictured Above)

I refused to delete the Audio Recording, and told the Serco Guard, that this is my insurance policy in case, Khaled was to carry through with his Threats.

He was referring to my whistle blowing regarding Serco when I was at Yongah Hill IDC:

[urlpreviewbox url=”https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2019/mar/25/secret-recordings-allege-excessive-force-by-guards-in-australias-detention-centres”]

The Serco Guard Adam, went to Khaled and told him that I have actually recorded his Threats, and told him that when he carries out his Hit on me, he robs my mobile, to destroy the evidence.

Khaled El-Ali has connections to Khwaraji Terrorist organizations overseas, and even his mother who was involved in the sophisticated plan in Khaled El-Ali’s escape from detention is also member of Khwaraji Terrorist organizations, and Khaled El-Ali had confessed that even her mother would be willing to carry out a Terrorist Act. Yet Khaled El-Ali’s family remain free in Australia, and is a serious danger to the Australian Community. 

This orchestrated hit was carried out on me, with full support from the Serco, involving Khaled El-Ali & corrupt Serco Guards including Adam.

It was at around 1130pm, that I was watching a cricket match between Pakistan Vs Australia in Dubai, by this time I was highly sedated by my night time medication, my motor functions were disabled, that i had no ability to defend myself. We only had a shared bathroom facilities at PIDC.

At around 1130, I walked into the washroom, once inside I heard footsteps following me into the toilet, the next thing I know, Khaled El-Ali coward punches me from the back of my head, and he continued punching my head, I think I felt unconscious on the floor, while Khaled El-Ali continued stomping on me.

He by this stage had taken my mobile phone out of my pocket.

I regained consciousness, there was no Serco Guard around to be seen, but there were heaps of detainees who had woken up, and they were trying to restrain the Pedophile Khaled El-Ali, while I was trying to stumble my way out, Pedophile Khaled El-Ali threw another coward punch on the left side of my head and eye.

I came outside and I pressed the Intercom to call the Serco Guards, when the Serco Guards arrived, I asked them to get my mobile back from Khaled, which he was holding in front of the Serco Guards, but the Serco Guards refused to take any action and even resisted to call an ambulance while I was bleeding.

Pictures of my injuries taken by Serco obtained via ABF

The Consequences of blowing the Whistle on Corruption in Dutton’s Australia

Eventually an ambulance was called, and I was transported to the Royal Perth Hospital.

As this Pedophile Khaled El-Ali had the support of certain dark forces within, Serco, ABF, and DHA, it was ensured that their asset detainee Khaled El-Ali be protected from any criminal prosecution.

Khaled El-Ali was rather rewarded for his successful hit carried out on me, by Serco with drugs & some alone time with a certain woman.

I on the other hand was transferred over to the Yongah Hill IDC medical unit without any of my property, my property which was left locked in PIDC, was later also stolen by the Serco Guard Adam, who was also the handler of Khaled.

From Yongah Hill i was moved to BITA, where the threats to my life continued, these threats were being orchestrated & originating from certain people in Serco. There was a Manager named: Lewis/Louis who I had named in my Medium Blog, in which I exposed the Corruption in DHA, and the Cash for Visa matter relating to that Drug Kingpin William Betham, in that Blog I had identified the Serco Manager Lewis/Louis as the mate of Drug Lord Betham.

Credit goes to Australian Border Force BITA, who were able to confirm these threats to my life as genuine and they moved me to an APOD.

Within two weeks I was moved to Villawood IDC.

On the 22/10/19, there was Senate Estimates session with ACLEI, where it was revealed that Mr. Mike Pezzullo had mislead the Senate, importantly it was discussed how I have been Victimized since blowing the Whistle, and ACLEI boss confirmed that ACLEI has asked the DHA to investigate the matters I Blew the whistle on, while ACLEI will be keeping an oversight. ACLEI Boss further revealed that under Section 220 it’s a Criminal Offence to Victimize me.

It was further revealed that I have further evidence regarding Cash for Visas corruption matter, and I’m still waiting for the Investigation team to make contact with me so i can pass that critical piece of evidence to the investigating authorities.

On the 25/10/19 DHA’s attack dog Khaled El-Ali was unleashed on me again, this being no co incidence, as it was a well orchestrated plan by DHA to either place yet another hit on me, or use this Palestinian Pedophile to threaten me into silence.

There are several other detention centres in Australia, and ABF has a dedicated intelligence team, which ensures that dangerous detainees who have assaulted another detainee in the past, and have given threats, do not come into contact with the victim again, that’s ABF’s job.

This could have been rather a calculated move by Mr. Pezzullo who had previously mislead the Senators on the Corruption investigation matters, and Commisoner Outram, who made a decision to place their attack dog Khaled El-Ali in the same detention centre as me.

As soon as I saw Khaled El-Ali, I went by the book and reported the matter to Serco.

Off course there was no expectation from my behalf that any action will be taken against this Palestinian Pedophile Khaled El-Ali, as he clearly enjoys full protection from any criminal persecution by DHA & ABF, as he remains their asset.

What’s further problematic for the Australian Community is that, after this detainee Khaled El-Ali had carried out that hit on me, all of a sudden Dutton’s department is considering him for a visa, bringing him to his home state of NSW.

This person had been sentenced to 9 years imprisonment, including for charges relating to beating the mother of his child to almost death.

What’s further ominous is, Khaled El-Ali is part of the Palestinian/Lebanese based Terrorist Groups, evident from his social media account:

He has also been openly posting threats to Veteran Australian journalists:

He has also been stalking me, my family, and my female friends on Social Media, and sending us threatening messages, and posting our pictures with threats:

“Wait and see what Peter Dutton will do to him” Khaled El-Ali said in that message.

So how does Khaled knows what Peter Dutton was about to do to me, and what direct or indirect connection if any did this Palestinian Pedophile had with Peter Dutton?

His threats continued, while he continues to stalk me and my family posting our pictures with threats:

Even openly confessing to his Cowardly Assault on me, bragging about it

Upon evidence he even tried to use another detainee’s name, falsifying identity, to send me threats on Social Media. Upon the publishing of this Blog, the detainee, whose ID & Name seem to have wrongfully been used by Khaled El-Ali, made attempts to contact me through a mutual friend, and i spoke to that Detainee in good faith, and i accept his explanation that he did not sent me any threats on Social Media, but somebody else, has wrongfully used his name on Social Media to send me those threats, i accept this detainee’s explanation provided to me, in good faith.

Yes Mr. Pedophile Khaled El-Ali, I walked away from you, because I have taken an oath of non violence, and doing things by the law.

This Palestinian Pedophile Khaled El-Ali, just like that Drug Kingpin William Betham, can also be granted a Visa either by Minister Dutton or one of his delegates.

This Palestinian Pedophile does not belong in the Australian Community, or even in the Australian Detention, his rightfull place is in an Isreali Prison.

Unless there is an urgent intervention by ACLEI, DHA officials are going to continue to run like a Sicilian mafia.

And before Peter Dutton or DHA officials get any funny ideas about placing yet another hit on me, I state this publicly that if anything was to happen to me, regardless how it looks like either a suicide or they make it look like a lightening strike hit me, I’ll hold Peter Dutton MP responsible.

My country of birth Pakistan and Australia have historically been allies, and more recently Pakistani Government had gone above and beyond to secure the release of an Australian Hostage:

And I remind the Australian Government, the message Pakistani Government officials conveyed to them in their meeting very bluntly: “..we will not accept the way you have treated our citizen, and if anything happens to him further, we will escalate this”.

Yes my country of birth has many challenges, but our current PM Imran Khan, as once famously said in the 1992 world cup final in Melbourne, “we will fight like corner tigers”.

So the Australian Government, will be well advised as to not subject me to any further hits, Arbitrary state sponsored Torture, and I encourage the Australian Government to follow international laws.

A further crucial evidence came from an ABF Super Intendant, whom I have chosen not to identify, for the fear of any adverse action taken against them by DHA. That ABF Super intendant told me on record, affirming my belief, that all the threats to my life have been originating because of my writing against the DHA, ABF, and Serco, and if i wish to stay safe, I should cease to write and delete my Twitter account, they further said, I understand that you have the right to freedom of speech, but realistically this is the situation.

This evidence I look forward to pass on to ACLEI.

My name is Nauroze Anees, Detainee Number: 1-8P2KA8L, no amounts of Threats or Hits, will be able to shut me up or shut me down. If we want a bright, positive, and future where there is justice, then we should not be afraid to speak the Truth & should Stand up for Justice, no matter how powerful is the Tyrant.

I wrote this Blog initially on Medium, but The Fascist Authoritarian Australian Government had my Medium blogging account suspended, in their desperate attempt to silence me, and hide their Misfeasence from the public.

[urlpreviewbox url=”https://www.buzzfeed.com/amphtml/hannahryan/immigration-detention-nauroze-anees-blog-medium?__twitter_impression=true”/]

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[urlpreviewbox url=”https://twitter.com/NickMcKim/status/1199220928053301248?s=19″/]

P.S. Post publication of this Blog, this Palestinian Pedophile & Terrorist: Khaled El-Ali has seemed to have confessed to Assaulting me:



Previously he has denied to this Hit & Attempted Murder of me, by him.


I hope the Australian Federal Police, charges him for what he did to me, and Khaled has his day in court.

Also Khaled El-Ali brazenly continues to threaten my female friends & female family members, and The Australian Border Force and Serco are doing all they can to protect their “Asset Snitch” from any Criminal Prosecution:

[urlpreviewbox url=”https://twitter.com/ForLovenFreedom/status/1210414576073789440?s=19″/]





Serco activates their paid up snitch attack dog, anytime i expose Serco’s Human Rights Violations:

Here when i was hospitalized this Serco’s Snitch dog pedophile & Terrorist: Khaled El-Ali again sent me threats & encouraged me to commit suicide, if you ever wondered why so many people commit suicide in detention is because Serco uses it’s paid up dogs like Khaled El-Ali to carry out hits on outspoken detainees.


Twitter was swift to remove the offending tweet from this Terrorist. 


But the AFP & State Police continue to be reluctant to prosecute this Serco’s Asset.




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