Recorded Evidence of Racism of NSW Police

As someone who has been kept in Arbitrary Detention since 05/10/2016, in Immigration  detention centres around Australia, including Christmas Island IDC, it is my experience that,  that detainees in Immigration Detention are The Most marginalized group of people in Australia.

We have little to none, democratic or civil liberties.

Speaking about my own experiences, as a Whistle Blower from Arbitrary Detention, I have been subjected to various serious victimization and assaults orchestrated by Detention Centre Guards.

I don’t have a right, to as much as making a Statement to Police, when I have been a Victim of Crime, committed by detention centre Serco Guards.

On the 04/01/2020, I was Assaulted by a trio of White Supremacist Serco ERT Guards, who Assaulted me and damaged my phone, and later that day subjected me to Death Threats, and Racist Abuse.

As a result of this Trauma, I had chest pains on the evening of 05/01/2020, and IHMS Nurses, told me that I’m having a potential heart attack, and they sent me to Liverpool Hospital in an Ambulance.

The Liverpool Hospital doctor, advised me that he must call the Police, as I have been assaulted by Serco Guards, and told me that he will not discharge me, until Police has came and taken my Victim Statement.

At around after midnight, three NSW Police officers came to see me in Hospital, two males and one female.

Right from the start, it was evident by their Aggressive and Racist Behaviour, that they were not going to treat me fairly.

When I asked for their ID, they identified their names as:

M Patterson



I was in the Public Area of the Liverpool ED, dripped up with the hospital gadgets, I made a judgement to record this matter on the basis of Public Interest, to record the evidence of the Racist Behaviour of NSW Police officers.

While i was in Pain, and trying to practise my right of lodging a Complaint with the Police, following is the summary of some of the comments the Police Officers made to me:



“I don’t believe you.. I think because your soliciters have told you some rubbish or whatever.. you are doing whatever you can to avoid being deported from this country”

Within couple of minutes into Police arriving at the hospital, while I lay in Pain in the Public ward, the NSW Police officer gives his Verdict straight away that he doesn’t believes me and goes as far as to accuse and defame my legal team that as a Victim of a Assault, on the instructions of my Legal Team, I’m trying to game the system to not get deported — Absolute Pathetic Behaviour by so called “Enforcers of the Law”. These so called Police Officers, are meant to keep an Open Mind while investigating and taking Complaints.

Now people who have been following me know that, it’s not the case as alleged By these Racist NSW Cops, I had Won my Appeal in the Full Federal Court of Australia:

When I politely advised the NSW Police Officers that I find their remarks offensive and defamatory, the Racist Police Officer went on to Brazenly Tell me that:

NSW POLICE: “If you are going to go make a complaint about all Three of us.. go for it.. you won’t be the first one.. and you won’t be the last..”

At one stage, the NSW Police Officer sounded Surprised, when I explained to them my Legal Rights:

NSW POLICE: “How do you know all this (my legal rights)”

For Completeness here is the Audio Recording, hear it for yourself:

I haven’t yet made a formal complaint to the Ethical Standards Branch of NSW Police, as i was advised that i will be subjected to Retribution by NSW Police, in any event, i cannot expect much justice, when Police Force is investigating itself.

People who have been following me, know this, that I have been saying it for a number of years, at how the Police would never investigate the Serious Crimes committed by the Detention Centre Serco Guards.

Previously in the absence of Mobile Phones to document evidence, Serco ERT Guards would viciously Assault and Injure Detainees, and doesn’t matter how many attempts are made by detainees to make a complaint to the Police, the Police would either never bother coming to take the Detainee’s complaint, or if they come, they would always believe the Serco Guards, and would never believe the Detainees, and in the absence of Mobile Phones, there won’t be any Independent Audio/Video evidence of the Assault being documented by the Detainees, and the Serco ERT Guards would switch off their body cameras when they assault Migrants & Refugees in Immigration Detention.

This is just another example of why, Mobile Phones are our Lifelines, to documents the Assaults committed by Detention Centre Guards, and they also act as a deterrent against any potential assaults planned by Serco Guards, as the Guards would know their Crimes would be recorded.

This is one of the reasons the LNP Government wants to take away our mobiles, to hide their gross human rights violations and avoid accountability.

While you are here please sign our Petition, that Minister leaves our Mobiles Alone:

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