Stateless: A Missed Opportunity to Expose the Facts

Since the ABC -Stateless Series hit the screens, alot of my friends have been asking me if I had watched it, while they spoke very highly of it.

I have been kept in Arbitrary Detention by the Australian Government since the 05/10/2016, in it’s different Onshore Immigration Detention Centers, it’s fair to say I have been living a Romantic Tragic, Psychological Thriller of my own, a man born in a different country, falls in Love with an Australian Citizen, and the racist Australian Govt, forcefully Separates them, by one day invading their home, placing me in Detention, where I remain, fighting for Love & Freedom.

I thought Stateless, was a documentary on the lives of people held in immigration detention.

The episodes start with the claim that “inspired by true stories from Australian immigration detention”.

Truth being Stateless only exposes the viewers, to less than 5% of the pain & sufferings I have felt & observed throughout my Arbitrary Detention.

Very annoyingly, it spends a significant amount of time on a White Female character named “Sofie Werner”, based on a Australian Permanent Resident (not citizen) named “Cornelia Rau” who was detained for 10 months in Baxter Detention facility.

It was indeed an anomaly, as i have found the Australian Detention Regime to be Inherently racist, and very rarely have I ever seen White People being locked up in Detention, as a matter of fact, since 2016, only once did I saw a German Backpacker locked up.

Stateless is a missed opportunity, to portray the very real sufferings of more than 1500 men, women & children locked up in Onshore Detention centers. As a matter of fact, what made me sick the most, was instead of telling our stories, Stateless attempts to Humanize the Detention Regime, and like any other white wash, attempts to create a soft spot in the heart of viewers for the Detention Centre Guards, the Heartless Immigration Regime, which they call DIMA, now Department of Home Affairs.

Going as far, as to depict the sex lives of these Monstors, high on blood money:

Which neither strictly legally, or in any other way has any relevance as to why they chose — yes chose to work for a regime which takes much pleasure in inflicting cruelty.

Australia is a free country, nobody forced these people to work as detention centre guards.

What’s even more problematic is in some scenes, Stateless even tries to show that these Monstors have “emotion” or “remorse”.

A known blind spots, where the guards beat up the detainees.

Not once have I ever seen detention centre guard, break down in remorse.

In reality I witnessed the Detention guards to take great joy and kick after inflicting cruelty on detainees

As a matter of fact, I documented in some detail, as to how these detention centre guards, goaded, and bullied a 22 year old Iraqi man to commit suicide.

There was a massive riot after Sarwan’s death, which I documented under the hashtag: #FireinFalconcompound

Imagine making a series about the Holocaust, and giving the Nazi Guards a Human face, it was disgraceful.

In reality Detention Centre guards are anything but remorseful:

Further Stateless depicts, of all people a journalist from “THE Australian” exposing the brutalities in Detention:

Meanwhile reality couldn’t be further from the truth, I remember in 2018 Yongah Hill Riots, which started after a 22 year Iraqi man committed suicide at Yongah Hill IDC, after being goaded, bullied by detention centre guards, all of which i covered on my Twitter.

“The Australian” and the rest of the Murdoch Media has over the years acted as a political party, and mouth piece for the LNP Government, going above and beyond to demonize all those locked up in Australia’s Immigration Detention centers.

Why “Stateless” series of all the good journalists, would choose “The Australian” newspaper as the “Truth Seeker” is beyond me, even more painful is the omission of all the Great Australians, including advocates, lawyers, and non for profit legal organizations which have worked selflessly over the years for our Human Rights.

To quote an example: Paige Taylor of “The Australian” not only stole my copyrighted picture that I took, but used it to write a disgustingly false story:

I had sent several messages to Paige Taylor, but the story is still up, and is extremely hurtful to the family of the deceased and to us, Sarwan rests in peace now, taken too soon:

I have a right to be critical of “Stateless”, when it claims to tell our stories, but misses the mark by miles.

Stateless is much more closer to Fiction, than it is to facts.

Blood money addiction is worse than, heroin addiction. Stateless somehow tries to put a Human face to a blood thirsty Monstor, that is the Australian detention regime.

It’s not until the last moments of the Series, that brings me to tears of affirmation, after 6 episodes, there is finally one moment which shows the True Brutality of detention, a 12 year old child being placed on a Suicide watch.



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